Google’s New Stance On Mobile


Brace yourselves, 21st April is almost upon us.  After Penguin, Panda, Pidgeon, Hummingbird and a few other algo changes made by Google in the last couple of years, we’re about the see another ‘significant’ change, a move towards more mobile friendly websites on the web.

If Google don’t mind letting Ebay lose millions of listings with their changes, then don’t think that they will think twice about what they’re about to do; if your site isn’t mobile friendly, then you will lose rankings.

It’s not a bad thing really, it’s Google forcing us once again to be more useful to the visitor.  We can moan all we want, but Google own Android, the largest mobile platform provider, they are the worlds largest mobile search provider, and they have the worlds largest mobile app store, so why wouldn’t they?

If you’re website has been built within the last couple of years, you should be ok, depending on your web designer.  But if you’re a teeny bit worried then I’d pop over to Google’s Mobile Friendly checking tool and take a look.

If you’ve taken the test and you’re now freaking out, then in order to not loose any of your rankings in the search engines (trust me, you will), try out the JetPack plugin for wordpress.  It’s a tool that will help you make your wordpress site mobile friendly.  If you can’t make sense of the plugin then it’s time to contact your web designer/developer.

If you would like to chat about your site in the lead up to this very important update, then use the chat box on the site, or give me a ring :-)

Who Do You Want To Sell Your Stuff To?

Or in other words, who is your target market?  When I ask people this question I often get the response, “everyone”.  If you have difficulty in providing a decent answer before any prompting then there is probably a substantial opportunity for you and your business if you follow the process through to the end.

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Lead Nurturing

OK, so you’ve got the lead in your inbox, you send out your price list or an impressive glossy brochure by post or attached PDF, and then what?

It pays to have a systematic follow up process so that you can maintain open communication until the buying decision is made.  Some people might only make contact once, some might make contact twice, some three times.  But if you’re smart, you’ll create a process where you create Mind Share.

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