Web Design

You need a website that looks good, and one that gets results. I use an outcome oriented approach to help you . . .

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Pay Per Click

Pay per click is the fastest way to test any market’s profitability, there is no other online marketing method available . . .

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I’ll help you improve visibility, brand recognition and website traffic by achieving free listings in the search engines . . .

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Email Marketing

Once you’ve got the leads and enquiries, you still have to close the sale or maintain open communication . . .

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Give Your Website The Best Chance To Succeed


You need a website that looks good and one that gets results.

I start with the end in mind, and work towards the online goals of your business with energy and enthusiasm; I’m here to help you make more sales.

Any advertising should have a return on investment, and that should be measurable, if your web company leaves you with a ‘billboard in the middle of a desert’, please contact me asap.

Andy offers a holistic service from website production, website management, product imagery, brochure design, PPC and SEO. I have been incredibly impressed with him for his professional attitude, value for money and results. I would definitely recommend him as somebody to work with.

Joseph Barsby, Crafted in Stone

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  • Original Design
  • Content Management System
  • Responsive Design
  • Free Domain Name & 1 Year Hosting
  • Unlimited Email Addresses
  • Unrivalled Support

The Big Difference?
Total Online Presence!

Search Engine Marketing is about using the internet and it’s technologies to generate traffic to your website and then to convert that traffic into leads and sales.

You need to have a clear idea of the goals of your website, this could be lead generation, appointment booking, event booking, ticket management, sales, portfolio presentation and a whole host of other stuff, or it could be a combination of any of these . . .

Once you’ve got your goals firmly in mind, we can use online technologies in order to reach those goals.

I offer Website Design & Six Months Search Engine Marketing for the price of a comparative Website!

Building a Total Online Presence
Month One

In the first month, the on-site optimisation of your website will be taken to the next level where I work on each individual page of your website in order to optimise that page and the whole site to the highest standards.

We’ll also setup a mailing list, fully integrated with the forms on your website and send out a mailshot to existing customers with news of your brand new website.

Training on updating the website yourself will begin.

Month Two

Off-site SEO commences targeting the obvious keywords for your website.

I’ll design a facebook and twitter profile for you or redesign your existing one in order to bring it inline with the look of your website. Depending on where you are with your social media, we will create a plan to follow that will help you build your audience and also help you convert likes into leads and enquiries.

If desired we’ll also send another email shot to your existing list.

Month Three – SEO Continues

We’ll spend £150 using Google Adwords, to uncover the keywords that convert visitors to enquiry. Depending on your market, this could send up to 300 unique visitors to your site, people who are looking for what it is you have to offer.

Once we have these enquiries, we’ll need a way to follow up with them, so we’ll also create autoresponders* and follow up processes.

At this point you’ll probably be interested in using different tabs on your facebook page and using various apps to further engage your users.

Month Four – SEO Continues

Another £150 will be spent on Google Adwords, we should have people in our funnel by now and using our follow ups we should be taking them through to the sale or goal of the website.

We can implement the facebook apps and add forms and other items to the tabs on your facebook page.

Month Five – SEO Continues

You’ll eventually start to get organic visitors to your website. At this point everything depends on the numbers. Some people choose to concentrate solely on Google Adwords and paid advertising.

We will have uncovered some more keywords through Google Adwords in order to add pages and optimise futher for those keywords. Your social media will have followers that you are communicating with, and we will have a work flow established for you to continue with so that you know you’re getting the best out of your online presence.

Month Six – SEO Continues

In the final month of our initial agreement, we will take a look at the first six months of analytics and data that has accumulated and then create a plan for the next six months, that you can follow yourself or work together on.

It’s important that you realise that it’s in my best interests to make your site work for you so that you remain a client of mine for another six months.

We’ll discuss the progress that has been made on the website. If the results aren’t as expected or far from satisfactory, I’ll continue work for free or at a severely reduced rate until your website starts to show improvements.

So if your site is doing well, you can enlist me for another six months or on a rolling monthly payment to continue work, and if your site isn’t doing well then I’ll continue work until you start to see results.